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Boston-based Real Estate Investment Advisory

About Us

Who are we?

  • We are a Boston-based real estate advisory, brokerage and technology company dedicated to assisting investors and informed buyers identify and purchase the right properties for their goals, powered by our property analytics platform.
  • We act as “buyer’s brokers” for purchases of real estate. However, unlike many traditional real estate agents, we specialize in real estate investments. Many brokers do not effectively evaluate their client’s investment philosophy and execute on identifying a property that suits their investment criteria.

Our Approach

  • Our data-driven approach and deep market knowledge help our clients capitalize on market trends and execute on their real estate strategy, whether you’re a first time buyer, or own multiple properties.
  • Though our approach is to evaluate real estate as an investment, the same principles are important to consider when purchasing a property for yourself.
  • It is essential for any buyer to use data to analyze the quantitative and qualitative aspects of a property, such as determining a budget, calculating property expenses, and coming up with an appropriate value of a property – regardless of whether you decide to live in the property, or rent it out.


1. Is this free to use? How does Catalyst Properties get paid?

Yes, our services are entirely complimentary for our customers. Our compensation model is based on representing buyers in transactions and receiving a fee from the seller as the buyer’s broker

2. Should I work with Catalyst Properties if I am looking to purchase a home to live in myself?

Absolutely. Your home is an asset, a critical part of your net worth and wealth creation potential. This platform will allow you to become a more informed, data-driven buyer and to better evaluate the real estate market, regardless of whether you decide to live in the property or rent it out.

Here is how Catalyst Properties can help:

  • Understand comparable sales to evaluate the fair price of a home. Traditional real estate websites don’t provide access to comparable sales.
  • Creating a budget. Determining what you can afford. Understanding the overall cost of owning a property.
  • Take advantage of house hacking – purchasing a multifamily property, living in one of the units and renting out the other units to cover mortgage, taxes and other operating expense, even potentially earning some income.
  • If you consider renting the property out in the future:
  • View what properties have rented for in the area.
  • Perform cash flow analysis to view the income potential.

3. What locations does Catalyst Properties cover?

We cover the Greater Boston area.

4. Are you brokers?

Yes. Catalyst Properties is a licensed real estate brokerage in the Massachusetts. However, we are much more than your typical real estate agent. We are real estate investment experts; brokers specializing in investment properties. With the help of our platform, we can help you:

Identify your overall investment strategy and objectives

With the help of our platform, we can help you:

  • Identify your overall investment strategy and objectives.
  • Appropriately value a property.
  • Evaluate its investment potential relative to other properties, using financial metrics.
  • Walk you through the purchase process, from first showings to final closing.


If you have an investor client who you believe would benefit from a more investor-centric experience, we offer brokers lucrative referral arrangements.

Please reach out for additional information.

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